electronic component kitting services

Paragon delivers a unique approach to electronic component kitting services and is the acknowledged market leader in electronics supply chain management.

We take responsibility from bill of materials (BOM) inception to the supply of assembly ready kits all the way to the machine feeder and beyond. We deal with all aspects of procurement and component preparation, including Moistures Sensitive Devices and have developed robust processes to identify counterfeit components.

With our proprietary Total Component Management™ service (TCM® ) we have taken the concepts of electronics supply chain management and kitting to a whole new level, ensuring that our customers receive complete, assembly-ready kits when and where they are needed.

Starting with a customer's BOM we load this on to our sophisticated computer system and commence our verification processes where we can check things like component lifecycle information, supersessions and/or obsolescence notifications, plus typical availability, manufacturers lead-times and supply chain  options.      

In addition to simply avoiding shortages, OEMs and EMS providers benefit from complete, assembly-ready kits arriving where required, when required. The benefits of this will cascade across the company, reducing costs in each department to drive down the real cost of acquisition and take away the 'Grey Area Costs':

Paragon Grey Area Costs 

Advantages of Electronic Component Kitting

advantages of electronic component kitting

Kitting refers not only to the physical act of putting a kit of parts together, but also a programme of complex logistical tasks that delivers the right parts to the right place at the right time.

From identifying potential suppliers, managing obsolescence, lead-time issues and alternate part sourcing, through to materials inspection, device preparation and consolidated invoicing, executing these processes successfully and cost-effectively requires comprehensive component management expertise.

With a proven track record in supply chain logistics we are consistently helping our customers to streamline their production and deliver a competitive advantage.

Delivering complete, assembly ready, error-free kits that are driven by your sales and not your forecasts saves you time and money by reducing lead times and matching delivery with production schedules. It also consolidates administration with just one purchase order and one invoice.

The benefits of working with Paragon to supply complete kits are company-wide:

  • Vendor reduction
  • Reduced inventory levels
  • Reduced space requirements - frees up room for core tasks 
  • Indirect cost and overhead efficiencies
  • Reduced 'Real' cost of acquisition  
  • Gaining additional leverage from Paragon's significant consolidated spend 

Meeting Customer Needs

goods inventory

In addition to the headline benefits above,  there are numerous other ways that working with Paragon could positively impact your business. 

  • On time delivery 
  • Increased agility to enable rapid reaction time to demand spikes
  • Safety stock levels in place as agreed 
  • A single source for the supply of all parts - electronic, electrical mechanical, electro-mechanical  
  • Last time buy notifications 
  • RoHS conversion 
  • Technical support 
  • Full batch traceability 
  • Finished goods inventory can be held and managed by Paragon

Real Operational Cost

electronic component kitting management

The true acquisition cost, sometimes referred to as the 'real operational cost' of getting a kit of components to the point of production can be significantly more than simply the visible or invoiced price of the components themselves. 

By considering the resources required in order to purchase, inspect, kit up and store any surplus devices, plus shrinkage and storage etc., it is clear to see that the real cost can be dramatically more than the component costs alone. Add to this any impact on cash caused by shortages and the effect of missed production deadlines and the cost to a business can be significant. Paragon's assembly ready kits can positively impact all of these acquisition costs and reduce the 'real operational cost.'    

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