Expertise exceeding expectations

Paragon's capabilities are complemented by enhanced support services for our clients, such as design and development support, test solutions, sophisticated supply chain management, postponement manufacturing and direct-ship outbound logistics.

customer relationship management

Customer relationship management

For us, world-class electronics manufacturing solutions mean the highest level of visibility, traceability and operational control for our customers.

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intelligent supply chain

Intelligent supply chain

Our procurement, supply chain and logistics teams have the expertise to identify sourcing options based on the specific needs of each product and customer, whatever the complexity.

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design for procurement

Design for procurement

We are ideally placed to advise and support customers at this critical design stage, to ensure effective selection of all components, materials and suppliers required.

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design for manufacture

Design for manufacture

This element of design effort focuses on producibility, in order to enable the product to be assembled most cost effectively in a shorter time frame with superior quality.

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design for test

Design for test

A key element of design focussed on ensuring testability features are incorporated into hardware product designs to make it easier to develop and apply manufacturing tests.

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test solutions

Test solutions

Covering a suite of test solutions: from flying probe and functional PCB testing to in-circuit testing and boundary scanning.  Our solutions offer you the product confidence you need.

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postponement manufactoring

Postponement manufacturing

A highly responsive late-stage configuration and configure-to-order service enabling our customers to meet their demand forecasting challenges.

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outbound logistics

Outbound logistics

Enjoy same day, next day or flexible delivery via our tailored logistics capabilities, alongside custom-designed packaging to guarantee the safe delivery of your high precision electronic products.

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repair and rework

Repair and rework

Experts at our sites can fully repair, rework, remanufacture, upgrade or modify your products to maximise longevity and ensure that you meet the supply commitments you have in place with your customers.

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