regulations and legislation

The Paragon Electronics Group of companies is committed to increasing its customer’s competitiveness by providing cost efficient and effective supply chains.

Suppliers to Paragon play a vital role in supporting Paragon’s customers, and the actions and decisions that suppliers make have important financial and economic consequences in the value chain.

The Paragon Procurement and Supply Chain team has been established to define and implement robust supply chain and commodity strategies to support the group's goals, creating a suitable supply chain framework capable of exceeding customers’ expectations.

The team is responsible for defining and implementing world class supplier development and management processes to create significant value across Paragon.

Becoming a supplier

Supplier Practice – Selling to the Paragon Electronics Group

Paragon‘s principle is that the supplier base is not just selling parts to Paragon, but are selling their parts to our customers through us.

We expect each supplier to develop the same commitment and dedication to customer satisfaction as Paragon shows to its customers.

Paragon will buy from the most competitive suppliers, suppliers that are both capable and committed to creating real value to customer service and customer satisfaction.

Paragon looks forward to mutually beneficial relationships with all of its suppliers.

Supplier Selection Process

Selection process for identifying new suppliers is based around the following criteria:

  • Proven quality and delivery performance
  • Technical capability
  • Ability to bring innovation to the relationship
  • A culture that aligns with Paragon’s values
  • Contribution to a relationship that creates real added value

Paragon Expectations

To become a Paragon preferred supplier, we expect the following characteristics to be demonstrated:

  • Transparency in financial and performance reporting
  • Consistently provides defect-free products and services on time in full
  • A culture of continuous improvement in all aspects of the business
  • Innovation, imagination and responsiveness
  • World class cost efficiency and performance



Employment of Labour Standards Ethics / CSR

Paragon is opposed to the use of any form of child labour or practices that inhibit the development of children. Suppliers must comply with all child labour laws and should not employ anyone under the age of 15.

Paragon/JSS company policies

Suppliers must comply with the applicable wage and hour labour laws and regulations governing employee compensation and working hours. Suppliers should conduct operations in ways that limit overtime to a level that ensures a humane and productive work environment.

Suppliers should aim to provide equality of opportunity and treatment regardless of race, colour, gender, religion, nationality, age, sexual orientation or disability. Suppliers are expected to support equal pay for work of equal value. Suppliers must oppose discrimination or intimidation towards employees including all forms or threats of physical and psychological abuse.

Ethics and Integrity

Paragon believes in free and fair competition and expects its suppliers to provide the same opportunities through the value chain on an impartial basis and apply unbiased supplier selection guidelines. It is Paragon's aim to find the best suppliers for our company by maintaining free competition and ensuring fair evaluation and selection.

All business activities should be carried out with the utmost integrity.

Suppliers should ensure they always meet all relevant legislation and regulations.

All business relationships throughout the supply chain should be carried out with precise attention and adherence to the needs of confidentiality.


Suppliers are expected to conduct their operations in a way that minimises the impact on natural resources and protects the environment, customers and employees.

Paragon’s suppliers have a major influencing role in establishing, implementing and developing best practice sustainable environmental policies. Paragon encourages suppliers to reduce waste, make full use of recycled materials, especially in packaging, adhere to environmental legislation and regulations and design in specifications that aim to minimise the environmental impact.

Technology – processes, manufacturing, systems

In its efforts to meet the changing needs of an evolving world community, Paragon is always keen to adopt and introduce new methods, technologies and processes that provide an increase in efficiency and a market differentiation.

Paragon strives to forge closer links with its preferred suppliers and operates a number of forms of electronic data exchange such as E Procurement and E sourcing tools. It is important that suppliers, keen to develop relationships with Paragon, are willing to actively participate with both current and future technological advancements.

Compliance – Legislative and Regulatory

Paragon fully expects all of its suppliers to comply with relevant local, regional and international legislation and regulation.

It is important that in the case of legislation that may not apply to all suppliers, for example, the UKs Modern Slavery Act in the UK applies directly only to companies with a turnover greater than £36m, that the spirit of the legislation is still followed.

Some key pieces of legislation that Paragon expects its suppliers to abide by, both in spirit and legally are:



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